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Fanshawe DragonBoat Festival 2019~ 20th Anniversary Celebration

Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival 2019, and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the RowBust team, was a simply outstanding, and most memorable event! The event was simply incredible. So many amazing people, paddling, volunteering and just at the lake in general! Oh my goodness. They came from Ohio, Pickering, Hamilton, so many places all to celebrate the joy and amazingness of the beautiful people in London who started this amazing group!

This is the eighth year of the Fanshawe Dragonboat Festival that Linda Kuska and Lorraine started in 2012.  So many incredible people all gathered together for this one amazing day, and this year it was twice as awesome with the Breast Cancer Survivors participating on the second day, after attending a Gala Evening on Saturday night.  The photos of teams and from all of the photographers will  start to appear here on this page this week, with the photographers names on the albums. They will be fabulous photos, plus all the team shots that I took with the awesome new signboard! so much fun and joy. stay tuned.